Environmentally Friendly Initiatives

Environmentally Friendly Groundwork

J Sheard are fully committed to all environmentally responsible approaches whilst working on all our construction and demolition projects. We always endeavour to meet our own and government driven sustainable targets.

We have a keen interest in sustainable development and we passionately believe in environmentally sound initiatives such as minimal wastage and lean construction, We frequently liase with environmental bodies, legislative authorities, and conservation groups throughout the UK.

Our ethos is to help the construction industry make a difference by recycling and reducing waste sent to land fill by separating and utilizing all materials to there optimum recycling potential during projects that involve the demolition or the stripping out of buildings.

Why recycled aggregate?

Recycled aggregate does the job just as well as fresh aggregate, but in recovering and recycling the aggregate that we supply we are helping the environment by stopping a large mass of aggregate heading straight to a landfill site.